As usual, I seem to find it hard to not think about work stuff, hence another post on basic electric circuits. This time round it is a circuit that is a little different from what you would normally encounter, but one that could come in handy. What I have done here is realy just a slight variation of a Direct on Line, DOL, starter by means of preventing the starting of the unit via a timer. The timer plays a dual role as it also allows for an audible alarm before starting the unit. It is a rather fun circuit and I'm sure you can find a number of ways to improve it.
If you think of something we should add to it, feel free to leave a comment and we can have a look at it. To have a look at the circuit, click this link and it will lead you to the post
So untill next time, remember, the only limitations to automation is the size of your wallet and your imagination. Stay safe and keep up the good work out there!